Make the SME Climate Commitment

The SME Climate Commitment is an internationally recognised public commitment you can make to:

• halve your business emissions by 2030

• reach net zero emissions by 2050

• report yearly on progress towards these goals

Making the Commitment means you agree to report your progress towards these goals every year.

How it works

Make the SME Climate Commitment today and start taking immediate action.

By making the SME Climate Commitment, your company agrees to:

  • halve its greenhouse gas emissions before 2030
  • achieve net zero emissions before 2050
  • disclose progress on a yearly basis

To achieve your net zero goals, your business should complete the following steps within 6 months of making the commitment:

  1. Calculate your current greenhouse gas emissions. You can use the Business Carbon Calculator on the SME Climate Hub or another tool as long as it gives accurate results.
  2. Set short- and medium-term goals for emission reductions, such as switching to renewable energy and reducing business travel emissions.
  3. Make a plan to achieve your emission reduction targets.
  4. Start taking action to reduce emissions from the identified key areas.
  5. Encourage businesses within your network to take action.

Business benefits

When you make the commitment you will:

  • be able to download the SME Climate Hub logo to include on your shop front, website and other marketing materials
  • use SME Climate Hub communication resources and social media campaigns to raise your voice and share your climate action story

In this way, you will be sending a message to your clients and your community that you are taking steps to do your part to address the climate emergency.

Make the SME Climate Commitment