Join thousands of businesses committed to taking climate action with the SME Climate Hub

The UK Business Climate Hub is a collaboration between the UK Government, businesses and business groups across the UK. The Hub is the UK partner of the SME Climate Hub, the global initiative which empowers small and medium-sized enterprises to take climate action. Find out more…

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The UK Net Zero Business Census

Help us understand how much progress UK businesses have made on getting to net zero.

Commercial building and home energy use

Plan a retrofit, check building regulations, improve HVAC and insulation, get a heat pump, and more.

Electric vehicles and transport

Find out how to reduce emissions and save money by switching to electric vehicles and identifying alternative modes of transport.

Renewable energy

Find out about the different features, installation and funding opportunities for these renewable energy technologies and green energy suppliers.

Reduce waste and maximise resources

The production, use and disposal of materials and products has a large carbon footprint. Find out how businesses can take action to maximise the use of materials and products before they become waste.

Supply chain

Find out how sustainable products and supply chains can benefit your business and the planet.

Product labels and certifications

There are a number of product labels that certify low carbon emissions or other beneficial environmental actions.

Farming and land use

Land use changes are required for the UK to reach its goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

7 Steps to Sustainability

You don’t have to do these steps in order. There are actions you could decide to take today.


Understand the basics

Find out everything you need to know about what net zero means and why it matters.


Involve your team

Get staff positively engaged and bring in external support to reinforce your plan.


Make the SME Climate Commitment

Make a commitment to climate action, access tools to reduce emissions, and disclose your progress.


Make a plan

Measure your current carbon emissions and start to plan to reduce them.


Take action

Take steps to reduce your emissions by theme or by sector.


Find finance and support

Find sources of funding and support on green loans, grants and other incentives.


Look beyond your own business

Get product certifications and labels, build a green supply chain, reduce business travel and more actions to reduce emissions.


Our case studies and thought leadership articles offer valuable insights from entrepreneurs to help you transition to net zero.

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