Involve your team

One of the most significant challenges in reducing carbon emissions to net zero is getting people engaged and changing their behaviour. We need to work together to support policies and initiatives that reduce carbon and save on energy costs.

In this section, you can find information on how to engage staff in your carbon reduction plan and get support from consultants and universities.

Get staff engaged in your carbon reduction plan

Create a shared culture of responsibility to help motivate your employees to play their part.

Set up a working group

How to get your business organised to reduce costs and emissions.

Climate Fit

Engage your staff on Climate Fit, a free online training course to help SMEs reduce their carbon emissions and join the collective race to net zero.

Hire a consultant

Hire a consultant to look at different aspects of your building and operations.

Work with a university

Universities often work with businesses by researching how to reduce carbon emissions and costs by improving products, services and productivity.

Sustainability training

Find out what kind of courses are offered and where you can sign up for training to help you reduce your carbon emissions and operate in a more efficient way.

Take part in the UK Net Zero Business Census
Take part in the UK Net Zero Business Census