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  1. Anywhere in the UK
  2. Scotland

1 Anywhere in the UK

These support schemes and networks are available anywhere in the UK:

You can also search GOV.UK’s list of active funds that help businesses become greener, or the UK Research and Innovation’s list of business competitions that award grants for green projects.

You can go to the Federation of Small Businesses or your local chamber for advice.

2. Scotland

The following grants, schemes and loan programmes are available in Scotland:

  • Business Energy Scotland gives SMEs access to consulting, loans (up to £100,000) and grants (up to £20,000) for energy efficiency and renewable heat measures
  • Energy Bills Discount Scheme offers a £400 discount on your energy payments to help with heating and energy costs. This is sometimes called the Energy Bills Support Scheme.
  • Find Business Support gives customers an overview of all funding and services offered by public sector organisations across Scotland
  • Scottish Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (SIETF) – businesses with high energy use from industrial processes can apply for the SIETF. For queries, contact
  • Circular Economy Investment Fund gives SMEs and non-profit organisations matching funds to reduce waste and develop green products
  • Domestic charge point funding gives up to £700 toward the installation of an electric vehicle charge point
  • eBike loans offer interest-free loans of up to £6,000 for the purchase of an approved electric bike – the repayment period is 4 years
  • Electric vehicle (EV) loans gives interest-free loans up to £28,000 to buy a new EV or £10,000 for a motorcycle or scooter – the repayment period is 6 years
  • Energy Saving Trust gives funds for vehicle retrofits and safe disposal of non-compliant vehicles – must be a SME with 9 employees or less and located within 20km of Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Dundee
  • Energy Investment Fund offers loans and investments for commercial and community-based low carbon energy projects
  • Funding for green jobs gives matching funding from £50,000 to £500,000 for the creation of green jobs – must be a registered company within the Scottish Enterprise area
  • Home Energy Scotland offers interest free loans and cashback for energy efficiency and renewable upgrades to a domestic property – maximum loan amount is £32,500 and cashback is £14,000
  • NESTRANS Sustainable Travel Scheme gives SMEs and community organizations up to £10,000 in matching funds for sustainable transport initiatives – must be based in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire
  • Private Rented Sector Landlord Loans lets property management businesses borrow up to £15,000 for energy efficiency and £17,000 for renewable systems – interest and fees apply
  • SME Loan Scheme offers interest-free loans from £1,000 to £100,000 to pay for energy efficiency and carbon reducing upgrades – up to £20,000 can be provided as a grant if installing eligible equipment
  • Used Electric Vehicle Loan for Business gives interest-free loans up to £20,000 for businesses of all sizes to buy a used electric car, van or moped
  • Zero Waste Scotland also offers free support and advice for businesses, including a free energy assessment and comprehensive report with actions you can take to reduce emissions